The Possible Protective Effect of Vitamin E on Pancreas of AdultMale Albino Rats Treated with Bleomycin Sulfate


The Department of Anatomy and Embryology, Faculty of Medicine for Girls, Al-Azhar University


AbstractBackground: Bleomycin sulfate is a chemotherapeuticantibiotic that may has adverse effects on both the exocrineand endocrine component of the pancreas.Aim of Study: This study was designed to assess the effect of bleomycinsulfate on pancreas of adult male albino rats and the possible protection by vitamin E administration.Material and Methods: Twenty-five adult male albinorats were divided into three groups: Group I: Control group,Group II: Bleomycin sulfate treated group and Group III:Bleomycin sulfate and vitamin E treated group. At the end ofthe experiment, pancreas was taken out and processed forlight, electron microscopic examinations and anti-insulinimmunohistochemical staining. The percentage area of anti-insulin antibody reaction was measured and statisticallyanalyzed.Results: Treatment with bleomycin sulfate showed variablemarked histopathological changes. Distortion of the normalarchitecture of the pancreatic tissue with areas of hemorrhage,vacuolation and necrosis either in the acini or islets of Lang-erhans with loss of differentiation between beta cells andalpha cells. Histopathological changes were diminished afterreceiving vitamin E. The acinar cells were more regular withbasophilic rounded basal nuclei and apical acidophilic cyto-plasm. The islet of Langerhans restored its normal shape andsize with nearly regular out line.Conclusion: Vitamin E could protect the pancreas againstbleomycin sulfate-induced alteration in adult male albino rats.