Aims and Scope

The Medical Journal of Cairo University  publishes original research, reproducibility, validation and negative studies. MJCU also  welcomes meta-analysis studies,  book reviews, case reports, historical notes, and solicited review articles in all  branches of Medicine and allied  sciences from all over the world. The MJCU is interested in publishing studies that will change our understanding, practice, and challenge existing knowledge. For randomized controlled trials, we publish trials following CONSORT Guidelines (http ://www.Consort- statement .org /)  and in pdf format for download: (http : // www. bmj .com /highwire /section . pdf /8848 /10 /1)

We publish trials with animal subjects provided proper care and euthanasia was conducted. (For trials with animal subjects , please consult “ Guide for the care and use of laboratory animals , 8th edition , 2011 )