About Journal

The Medical Journal of Cairo University is one of the oldest medical journals in Egypt, dating since 1932. It was first published in the early thirties by"KASR AL AINI CLINICAL SOCIETY" Under the name of "THE GAZETTE OF KASR AL AINI, Faculty of Medicine". It was issued twice yearly.  In the early sixties, its title was changed to "The Medical Journal of Cairo University" and one or two supplements was added, whenever needed, yearly. In mid-seventies, and due to its scientific precision, it gained a lot of success & fame, not only locally, but worldwide, so it was issued quarterly a year. Since the nineties, The Journal is issued eight times per- year, on a regular basis, and additional supplements are added when needed, Including different fields of Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Nursing and Dentistry. Nowadays, not only "The Medical Journal" is available in most Egyptian Medical Libraries & Scientific centers, but also available in many international Medical & scientific Centers.