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The Medical Journal of Cairo University welcomes original papers. Review articles, book reviews, abstracts from current literature and histor‌ical notes are also accepted. A particular priority is given to works presented to the Kasr El Aini clinical society by the staff of Kasr El Aini Faculty of Medicine and by its guest speakers.
Papers are accepted on the clear understanding that the subject matter has not and will not be published in any other journal.
Manuscripts should be typewritten in double spacing on one side of the paper only. The title of the paper should be written in block letters. Name of the author or authors should appear as first name, initials for the second name followed by the surname (family name) and the initials of the highest university degree. Finally the name and address of the hospital or laboratory where the work was performed.
An abstract should be written at the beginning of the article.
Photographs and photomicrographs should be printed on glossy paper. They should be cellar and unmounted. Captions to the illustrations should be typed on a separate sheet. Drawings and diagrams should be done boldly in black ink. These should be numbered, the top should be indicated and the author’s name, all written on the back. Long tables should be avoided and preferably replaced by graphs. No more than three tables, submitted in a form of photographs, are accepted.
References in the text are to be arranged to the Vancouver style, i.e. references must be identified by Arabic numerals between parentheses in order of their mention. The list of references is to be typed in numeric order as follows:
For Journals, author’s name, followed by initials, the title of the article, the name of the journal, the volume number in Arabic numerals, the numbers of first and last pages of the article followed by the year of publication.
For books, authors’ name, title, edition, publisher, town, page and year of publication.
Reprints: Thirty reprints will be supplied. Editorial Address:
Two manuscripts should be handed or sent to Dr. ADEL F. RAMZY, assistant editor, Clinical Society office. Manyal University Hospital, Cairo, Business communications, advertisements, sub‌scriptions should be addressed to Dr. NADER A. ABULATTA, the assistant editor.

Exchange of periodicals and book reviews should be addressed to:
Dr. SUSAN EL SHAFEI, editing secretary. Notice to subscribers:
Annual subscription rate for individuals and institutions in Egypt L.E. 200 payable to:
The Clinical Society Office Manyal University Hospital Cairo, Egypt.