High Intensity Interval Training Versus Circuit Weight Training on Glycated Hemoglobin in Type 2 Diabetic Patients


The Department of Physical Therapy for Cardiovascular/Respiratory Disorders and Geriatric Disorders, Faculty of Physical Therapy* and The Department of Medical Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine**, Cairo University


Abstract Background: Diabetes is a fast-grwoing health problem in Egypt with a significant impact on morbidity, mortality, and health care resources. While increasing physical activity is an essential component of all effective lifestyle-based trials for the prevention of type 2 DM. Aim of Study: Was to compare between high intensity interval training and circuit weight training on type 2 DM. Material and Methods: Sixty participants had participated in this study. Their ages ranged from forty to fifty years men were selected from Manshyet El-Bakry Hospital. Group (A): Consisted of 30 patients received high intensity interval training program 3 sessions/week for 12 weeks training consisted of interval at high intensity training (85-90% of HRmax) and recovery at (50-70% of HRmax). Group (B): Thirty men participated in this group, received circuit weight training exercises performed for 3 sessions/week for 12 weeks. the resistance (weight) 30% to 40% of 1 repetition maximum for upper body and 50% to 60% for lower-body exercises. Each participant had undergone Measurments for Fasting Blood Glucose, Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1c) and 6MWT before and after study. Results: The results of this study revealed that there was significant reduction in FBG by 17.68% and 14.18% in group A and group B respectively. While the results of HbA1c there was reduction by 20.77% and 13.37% in group A and group B. There was increase in 6MWT by 10.28% and 4.54% in group A and B respectively. (p < 0.05). Conclusion: Within the limitation of the current study it was concluded that both types of exercises significantly improve HBA1c, fasting blood glucose and 6 minute walk distance after 12 weeks of training in favour of high intensity interval training.