Value of Triplicated Inferior Pedicle Breast Reduction in Improving Cosmetic Outcome in Upper Outer Quadrant Breast Cancer Patients


The Departments of General Surgery* and Plastic Surgery**, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University


Abstract Background: Breast is the true mirror of femininity. Breast cancer is one of the diseases that affect the psychological state of women, not only because of the complications it entails, but also because of the negative impact of treatment on women psychologically and physically. Aim of Study: The aim of this work is to assess the effect of triplicated inferior pedicle technique on improving cosmetic outcome in patients with breast cancer in upper outer quadrant. Patients and Methods: This study conducted at Ain Shams University hospitals, starting January 2020 till May 2020 with follow up 6 months.The study include 15 patients from 30- 50 year. This prospective study started with 15 Female patients with breast cancer in upper outer quadrant or upper pole lesion. During the period of the study at Ain-Shams University Hospitals. The data was collected and presented as followed in several tables and figures. Results: In our study the mean value of immediate post-operative SN-N was 21cm. After 6 months the mean value of postoperative SN-N was 21.5cm. In the current study the mean value of preoperative inframammary fold- nipple distance (IMF-N) was 17.27cm. In our study mean value of immediate postoperative IMF-N was 7.33cm, and After 6 months the mean value of postoperative IMF-N was 8cm. So, triplicated inferior pedicle is to obtain the benefits and avoid the most annoying complication and maintain the shape of breast after breast reduction without significant difference in postoperative complications. Conclusion: Breast reduction is a procedure, which has evolved tremendously over the years due to the continuous and ongoing quest to achieve the objective of reducing the breast size, improving breast shape and relocating the nipple areola complex, while minimizing scars and also preserving lactation and innervation to the nipple-areola complex.