EpCAM Expression in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: Immunohistochemical and Histopathological Study


The Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University


Abstract Background: Ovarian epithelial cancer is a dreadful gynecologic malignancy, with a usual late diagnosis and humble therapy response. EpCAM over-expression in epithelial ovarian cancer could be considered as a hopeful cancer target therapy. Aim of Study: Detection of EpCAM over-expression in ovarian cancer and correlate it with the clinic-pathological tumor features. Material and Methods: 42 paraffin blocks of ovarian cancer were immunostained with EpCAM antibody. Results: EpCAM showed high expression in 54.7% of the studied cases, and it was significantly correlated with the patients' age, tumor size, tumor grade, the presence of lym-phovascular emboli, extension to the serosal surface, and FIGO stage. Conclusion: EpCAM is overexpressed in epithelial ovarian cancer, which could be a future target therapy.