The Correlation of the Maxillary Sinus Volume with Age and Mid Face Parameters using Computed Tomography


The Department of Anatomy, Faculties of Medicine, Kafrelsheikh* and Mansoura** Universities


Abstract Background: The maxillary sinus is valuable for the clinician; specially the dentists and the surgeons. Aim of the Study: The current study aimed to investigate the relationship between the maxillary sinus volume, age and mid face parameters using CTs. Subjects and Methods: Sixty healthy individuals of both sexes aged from 5 years to 72 years used in this study. The subjects were divided into six age groups (10 subjects each): From 5 to 10 years old was group 1, from 11 to 15 years old was group 2, from 16 to 20 years old was group 3, from 21 to 30 years old was group 4, from 31 to 50 years old was group 5 and more than 50 years old was group 6. The maxillary sinus volume (MSV) was calculated and the following meas-urements were done: Zygion to zygion (zy-zy), Zygomaxillary (zm-zm), nasion to prothion (N-Pr), nasospinal to prothion (Ns-Pr). Nasospinal to (p) point (Ns-P). Nasion to nasospinal (N-Ns). The anatomical results of CT were correlated with age and sex. The data was statistically analyzed. Results: There was statistically significant difference in MSV between the age groups in females but not in males. There was significant positive correlation between the maxil-lary volume and some of mid face parameters. Conclusion: We concluded that the shape and size of maxillary sinus could affect the mid face anatomy.