Case Report: Mucor Mycosis in COVID-19 Patient on V- V ECMO



Abstract We are ECMO team from critical care department of Cairo University reporting first case of a 43 years old female COVID-19 patient on V-V. ECMO suffering from cutaneous Mucor mycosis on her chest wall, she had free medical history. Patient suffered from severe ARDS which needed V-V ECMO support for two months, patient was receiving steroids and received tocilizumab (Actemera) twice. Mucor mycosis was diagnosed by surgical pathology which is rate condition in such patients. Here condition started with a small lesion that appeared as dark spot on her left anterior chest wall and kept enlarging which raised suspicion of Mucor mycosis. Surgical biopsy was done and sent for pathology twice. Lesion kept enlarging and transformed into huge ulcer on her chest wall involving the muscles. We tried to use antifungals but this couldn't help, despite of all efforts lesion kept enlarging and involving cutaneous layers and deeper into the muscles.