Diagnostic Value of Chest CT in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)


The Department of Radio-diagnosis, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University


Abstract Background: To break trains of community transmission, an early and rapid detection method of COVID-19 infection was crucial to start tracing and provide treatment. RT-PCR is considered the gold standard tool for confirming COVID-19 infection yet has its limitations as time-consuming and limited resources. Aim of Study: The target of this study is to assess the sensitivity and specificity of CT Chest compared to initial PCR results in the diagnosis of COVID-19 pneumonia among study population in Ain Shams Hospital within the frame time duration of the study. Patients and Methods: Data collected between first of June till 20th of June 2020 and enrolled 117 patients (64 males and 53 females) who presented with suspicious COVID-19 symptoms and underwent both PCR swab test and Chest CT scan. The cases were categorized according to both RSNA and Deutch radiological society adopted reporting systems for CT Chest findings. Results: The most prominent radiological findings were ground glass opacities (82.9%) and consolidation (34.2%) with suspected cases by CT scan about (84.6%) while only (61.5%) were positive on initial PCR. As regard evaluation of CT diagnostic performance, Sensitivity was (97.2%) and positive predictive value was (70.7%) with accuracy (73.5%). Conclusion: Chest CT scan has a very high sensitivity with acceptable positive predictive value enough to be a reliable method for early detection of COVID-19 infection.