A Comparative Study between Young Adults versus Older Patients Presenting to One Egyptian Heart Center with Acute Coronary Syndromes

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The Department of Cardiology, National Heart Institute


Abstract Background: Atherosclerosis is a fatal health problem ,it is considered as the first cause of death worldwide. The number of young Egyptian patients who present to the emer-gency departments with acute coronary syndromes has in-creased over the last few years which make it worthy to search for the causes and risk factors for this disease. Aim of Study: We did this study to compare between young patients and older patients presenting with acute coro-nary syndromes regarding the most common risk factors and the angiographic features. Patients and Methods: In this study we selected 30 con-secutive young patients aged £40 years who presented to our center with acute coronary syndromes (group A) then compared them to another Group of older patients aged ³60 (group B) who also presented with the same disease. Risk factors for atherosclerosis and extent of coronary disease were compared in the two groups. Results: Acute coronary syndromes in young adults were characterized by high prevalence of risk factors as hyperlipi-demia, smoking and presence of a positive family history of premature coronary disease. Young patients with acute coronary syndromes mostly were males with normal major epicardial coronary vessels or single vessel disease. Conclusion: Acute coronary syndromes in young adults occur mostly in males, smokers who have positive family history of premature coronary disease, younger patients with acute coronary syndromes have less coronary vessels affection compared to older patients.