Effect of Exergaming and Resistance Training on Obesity: A Review Article

Document Type : Original Article


The Department of Physical Therapy for Basic Sciences, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University*,** and Physical Therapist at Kaser Al-Aini Teaching Hospital***


Abstract Background: Obesity-related comorbidities preventive interventions are active area of research recently. Appropriate management of obesity should provide multiple health benefits beyond weight loss. For years, caloric restriction and more energy expenditure are the first and most cost-efficient strat-egies to manage obesity. Physical activity has been recom-mended as an important non-pharmacological strategy to manage obesity and have multimodal beneficial effect on obese subjects. Aim of Study: Is to review the effect of exergaming or (virtual reality exercise) and resistance training on body fat and obesity co-morbidities. Conclusion: Although the positive physiological effect of exergamingon health related outcome measures in obese individualsas it is considered an appealing method to encourage and engage obese people in higher levels of physical activity, there is still lack of evidence on its effect compared to the effect of traditional exercises as resistance training on reducing obesity complications.