Renal Duplex in Children with Acute Glomerulonephritis: Diagnostic Utility, Laboratory and Pathological Correlation

Document Type : Original Article


The Department of Diagnostic & Intervention Radiology1,3,4, Cairo University Hospitals, Kasr Al-Ainy and Pediatric Department2, Abu El Reesh Hospital, Kasr Al-Ainy, Cairo, Egypt


Abstract Background: Acute glomerulonephritis is a specific renal pathology, that is induced by immunologic response to inflam-mation with proliferation of glomeruli with subsequent damage. It remains a health problem that is common in developing countries with increased prevalence in school age. It is diag-nosed mainly by renal biopsy, yet the radiological investiga-tions, namely routine ultrasound and Doppler, can suggest the diagnosis. Aim of Study: To assess the changes in the renal Doppler parameters, in children with acute glomerulonephritis and correlating them with the laboratory and pathological findings. Patients and Methods: This case control analytical study was carried on 20 pediatric patients ranging in age from 3 to 13 years presenting with acute nephritic syndrome with 10 other age and sex matched children were studied as control group. We performed renal ultrasound and Doppler study of the renal vasculatures with correlation with the laboratory and pathological data. Results: The morphological changes as renal parenchymal echogenicity is positively correlated in cases of acute glomer-ulonephritis when compared to control group. No correlation was found between main renal and parenchymal RI indices and the different pathological affection. RI is positively correlated with creatinine level and the systolic blood pressure percentile. No significant statistical correlation between RI indices and proteinuria. Conclusion: Renal Duplex can be used as pediatric com-plementary tool in the diagnostic work up of patients with acute glomerulonephritis. RI index of the main renal artery may assist to predict renal dysfunction severity but cannot differentiate different pathological affection.