Effect of Time-Restricted Feeding on Insulin Sensitivity and Oxidative Stress in a Sample of Prediabetes Egyptian Patients

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The Department of Internal Medicine, Diabetes & Endocrinology, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University


Abstract Background: Time-restricted feeding (TRF) is a form of IF, with the daily limiting of food intake (≤10 hours), followed by a daily fast of at least (14 hours). TRF extends the daily fasting period between dinner and breakfast to the following morning; it can be practiced either with or without reducing calorie intake and losing weight. Aim of Study: The current study aimed to assess the effect of time-restricted feeding on anthropometric measurements, vi-tal data, insulin sensitivity, lipid profile, and oxidative stress in the TRF group compared to the habitual feeding group. Patients and Methods: A Case-Control Study on 128 se-lected participants with prediabetes (HBA1c ≥5.7≤6.4%). Were divided into two groups. Group One time-restricted feeding (TRF) and Group Two (habitual feeding) for 12 weeks. Results: Body weight, waist circumference, HbA1C, PPBG, TG, LDL, and body mass indexreduced in the TRF group in comparison to control group (after 12 weeks) (p-value 0.000**). Systolic Bp, diastolic BP, and pulse (p-value 0.764, 1.000), (p-value 0.769, 0.182) and (p-value 0.768, 0.321) re-spectively. Also HDL (p-value 0.519, 0.618) and CRP (p-value 0.718, 0.095). Regarding Fasting blood glucose and postpran-dial insulin after 6 weeks (p-value 0.015*). HOMA-IR and Fasting insulin after 12 weeks (p-value 0.014*, 0.010* respec-tively). Body weight, BMI and waist circumference (p-value 0.000**), HbA1C (p 0.000**, 0.006**), PPBG and TG (p-val-ue 0.000**) and LDL (p-value 0.000**, 0.002**). Regarding Total cholesterol after 6 weeks (p-value 0.000**) and after 12 weeks (p-value 0.884). Urinary 8 Epi Prostaglandin F2 Alpha (EPA) after 6 weeks (p-value 0.225) and after 12 weeks (p-val-ue 0.006**). Conclusion: TRF might be beneficial for reducing anthro-pometric measurements, insulin sensitivity, lipid profile, and oxidative stress in prediabetes patients.