Barriers of Reporting Incident and Suggested Sloutions from the Perspective of Staff Nurses

Document Type : Original Article


The Department of Nursing Administration, Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University


Abstract Background: Incident reporting in health care is considered a way to monitor, prevent, and reduce the occurrence of patient safety events. “Incident Reporting Systems, (IRS) will continue to be an important influence on improving patient safety and quality of health care. Aim: The aim of this study is to assess barriers of reporting incident report and suggested solutions from the perspective of staff nurses. Material and Methods: Descriptive exploratory study design was utilized to collect data in this study. Convenient sample of staff nurses (N=250) who were working in all inpatient departments at 6 October Health Insurance Hospital in Giza. Two tools were used for data collection: Barriers of reporting incident and suggested solutions questionnaires. Results: Results of the present study revealed that, the highest mean scores regarding barriers of reporting incident was time constrain, while the lowest mean scores was lack of education. While regarding suggested solutions, the highest mean scores was availability of reports pathways, while the lowest mean scores was regarding to valuing reporting. Conclusion: The main barrier for reporting incident barriers was time constrains and the main suggested solutions, was availability of reports pathways. Recommendation: The hospital administrators should introduce reward systems, and improving incident reporting systems by including a variety of reporting channels and ensuring reporter anonymity, and creating a strong safety culture within the hospital.