Influence of Nephrologist Physician Teaching about Dialysis Modalities in Pre-Dialysis Clinic on Peritoneal Dialysis Choice, Single Centre Experience

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The Nephrology Division, King Fahd General Hospital, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Abstract Background: The Pre-dialysis clinic can improve the length and quality of survival of patients with end-stage renal disease, delaying the progression of chronic kidney disease and the need for dialysis. Also, it has a link to make the best therapy selection at the time that dialysis is needed. Aim of Study: Nephrologist physicians teaching about dialysis modalities in the pre-dialysis clinic influence the choice of home dialysis modality especially peritoneal dialysis. Patients and Methods: Retrospective observational study that focuses on the first modality of dialysis choice and the influence of nephrologist physician teaching in these choices. Observation for follow up patients in the pre-dialysis clinic started from March 6-2018 to March 19-2019. The teaching about access was responsible by the nephrologist physician, education about access started on the second clinic visit with encouraging and discussion each visit after, till the patient started on dialysis. After applying inclusion criteria, a total number of patients follow-up for over two visits with stage III B to V were 104 patients. Results: A total of 24 out of 34 patients after teaching about access by nephrologist physician choose peritoneal dialysis. Most of them were male patients and younger than 45y old. Both of CKD stage IV and V showed more interesting in peritoneal dialysis. 15 of them were a candidate for perito-neal catheter insertion after assessment by interventional team and they have catheter insertion. Ten patients have chosen hemodialysis as a first choice modality but 19 patients end up on conventional hemodialysis in the center. Conclusion: Nephrologist physicians could influence the choice of home dialysis modality especially peritoneal dialysis. Further studies will require to assess this concept.